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void QEVUMeter::prepareBufferDev ( void   )  [private]

Prepares the Buffer Device from which a bitBlt operation is done to reflect the current level.

Definition at line 224 of file qevumeter.cpp.

  QPainter qp;

  qp.fillRect( 0 ,0, BufferDev->width()*6/10 ,QE_METER_HEIGHT, Qt::green);                
  qp.fillRect( BufferDev->width()*6/10, 0, BufferDev->width()*9/10, QE_METER_HEIGHT, Qt::yellow);
  qp.fillRect( BufferDev->width()*9/10, 0, BufferDev->width(), QE_METER_HEIGHT, Qt::red);

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